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Thread: Clamming Rehobeth Bay

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    Clamming Rehobeth Bay

    I have a craving for some fresh fried clams and steam crabs. So I was thinking of heading down to Rehobeth bay to a spot i've been to before to see if i can dig any up. Gonna wear waders and stay in less than 4 feet of water. Am i wasting my time or will I be able to scratch a few up at this pnt in the season. I usually go down close to Memorial Day.

    How about the crabbing? Gonna let my wife and son troll around and pull traps while I crab. Are they in the bay this early or are the only near the power plant in the IR right now.

    Thanks for any info.

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    Re: Clamming Rehobeth Bay

    started clamming IR bay Mar 19th.... first flounder that day too.... first bushel of crabs was Mar 30th

    get after 'em

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